Monday, 26 July 2021

A Walk Around the Garden

The village we live in usually holds an 'Open Gardens' event every July. Since, for obvious reasons, we couldn't hold it this year, I decided to wander round our garden with a camera. Anyone else who wants to wander round it can wander round it with me, online...

I should add that my other half's the gardener, not me (I just do the odd bit of donkey-work). 


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Were those purple flowers Calla lilies?

  2. Delightful, thank you for allowing us in.

  3. Lovely garden! Lots of variety and color!

  4. What a beautiful and relaxing visit, thank you! Your other half is a talented gardener!

  5. Marvellous! I really miss those open garden events and would have loved to visit yours. Here's hoping that they can return next year. You can't beat a good nosey round other people's gardens and (if you're very lucky) a sneaky peek into their kitchen !!


Walking up the Hill

 I went for a walk up the hill in front of our house today and took a few photos!